On behalf of our chapter, I would like to congratulate you on your admission to MIT and welcome you to the most pivotal four years of your life. Here at MIT, life can seem like a whirlwind of late nights, new people, and amazing opportunities, accompanied by major decisions. In Theta, I have found a group of women who have guided me through this transitory period and been my port in a storm. They have helped me become a stronger leader and student, and have added new dimensions to what it means to be a friend and sister. I seriously encourage all of you to consider Greek Life as a great means to find your niche.

Thetas across the world are women that I aspire to become, as well as women that I want to inspire to become the best versions of themselves. We are the girls who will help you ace your physics final, cheer for your DanceTroupe performance, and surprise you with a homemade cake for your birthday. On top of all that, Thetas have opened my eyes to cultures, job opportunities, and friendships that I otherwise would have never thought to explore.

I hope that you choose to explore sororities and all the great opportunities they have to offer. The sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta are eager to meet and learn about each one of you, and we hope to see you in Formal Recruitment 2016.

Chief Recruiting Officer

To recommend a potential a new member, please contact Austen Yueh, our Chief Recruiting Officer, at theta-recruiting@mit.edu and complete the form found here


Casey Crownhart

Class of 2017

Theta for me means having a home away from home. I'm really close to my family, and coming to college by myself was tough; however, I soon found a new home in Theta. It means the world to me to have such a supportive community all around me to help me get through MIT, and I'm glad to return the favor for my sisters. I look up to the classes above me; surrounding myself with such amazing women is inspiring. I wish I could be half as cool as some of the women I've had the honor of meeting in Theta!


Anastassia Bobokalanova

Class of 2016

"From the very first day of recruitment, there was something different about Theta's atmosphere. There was the sound of laughter, sense of comfort, and feeling of warmth lingering after every sister I spoke to. Even during the first conversations I found myself cracking up with some of the most animated people I've met yet, while having more grounded, serious discussion with some of the most thoughtful. Theta sisters appeared to me as confident and inspirational, while maintaining time for one another and for laughs. The unbiased friendliness I encountered at the beginning is now growing into sisterly love. I respect and love all the unique Thetas, and am proud to be a sister."


Noalee Harel

Class of 2015

"I chose Theta because I was inspired by all the well-rounded, high-achieving, yet down-to-earth sisters I met during recruitment. It was so easy to talk to the sisters in the recruitment room, and I never felt that I was given forced or rehearsed answers—I was pleasantly surprised by how "real" the Thetas who I spoke to were. I went into recruitment caring most about sisters' honesty, passion, and leadership; I found most Thetas had these values too based on our conversations about classes and extra-curricular activities. The sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta devote time to their passions, care about being role models and leaders across campus, and have also proven to be some of the most thoughtful, considerate, and loving friends I have at MIT. Most importantly, as a Theta I'm never trying to be anyone but me—my Theta role models inspire me to be the best version of myself while upholding my own personal goals throughout my time at MIT." 


Lindsey Osimiri

Class of 2014

"When I went through recruitment, I was looking for a new support group to help me through the transition from life at home to college. What I didn’t realize was how much I would get out of joining Theta! Sisterhood has meant that my 3 years at MIT have left me with glowing memories, even despite the psets and all-nighters. The relationships I’ve made have brought me so much joy and helped me mature into a better, more confident woman since I came to MIT. In Theta, I have found a home, a family, 140 different girls who make me smile, and friends that I will cherish until the end of time."