Our Values

Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Personal Excellence, Friendship and Sisterhood

Our Symbol

The Kite and Stars

Our Colors

Black and Gold

Our Flower

The Pansy


Theta's Mission Statement

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Kappa Alpha Theta exists to nurture each member throughout her college and alumnae experience and to offer a lifelong opportunity for social, intellectual, and moral growth as she meets the higher and broader demands of mature life.


The intellectual ambition of the Fraternity shall be the attainment of highest scholarship. The social aim of the Fraternity shall be to exercise the widest influence of good. The moral aim of the Fraternity shall be the moral standard of love.

Theta's Founding

Kappa Alpha Theta was founded at Asbury University (now DePauw University) in Greencastle, Indiana on January 27, 1870, making it the first Greek letter fraternity for women. (The word "sorority" was not coined until after Kappa Alpha Theta was founded.) Bettie Locke Hamilton was one of the first women admitted to Asbury in 1867, and she believed that uniting with other female students in pursuit of similar goals would greatly enrich their college experience.

Bettie was friends with several Phi Gamma Deltas, and when one of them asked her to wear his pin as a symbol of friendship with the fraternity, she said that she would not unless she could be initiated into the fraternity. Since that was not possible as she was female, she decided that she would start her own fraternity instead.

She shared her idea with Alice Allen, Bettie Tipton, and Hannah Fitch, and the four of them together founded Kappa Alpha Theta. Later that year, Kappa Alpha Theta expanded past Asbury, as they established a chapter at Indiana University. In the more than 140 years since, Kappa Alpha Theta has grown to nearly 130 chapters all across the United States and Canada.