CASA Gala is our chapter's new signature philanthropy event. Boston's Kappa Alpha Theta chapters unite to host an evening full of fun, food and entertainment. The event draws in guests that come to enjoy the performances by fantastic student groups and support CASA. The CASA Gala is an inspirational night that brings together important Boston figures, CASA advocates, donors, and children. 


Led by the philanthropy chair and deputies, CASA Gala is a great way to get involved in philanthropy during the academic year. Sisters are in charge of finding sponsors, managing the silent auction, and crafting the perfect night of food and entertainment. We love every moment of CASA Gala preparation, and the event is a great way to bond with other sisters as the chapter contributes to an awesome cause. 

All proceeds go to support CASA, Kappa Alpha Theta's national philanthropy.


Grill-off is our chapter's spring philanthropy event. Inspired by the personal losses of our sisters, Grill-off raises money for charities like the ALS Association and the American Cancer Society. Teams that raise the most money in the initial fundraising stage are given ingredients of their choosing and a grill to see who can sell the most burgers.

Finals Care Packages

Thetas help their classmates and friends by selling care packages in MIT's Lobby 10. For only a few dollars, any member of the MIT community can order a care package—consisting of snacks, school supplies, and stress relievers—to be delivered to a friend on campus. Finals care packages raise at least $700 for CASA every year.


Every spring, our sisters sell delicious cake pops in MIT's Student Center. Baking and decorating cake pops is extremely time-intensive, yet creative. It's a great way for sisters to donate their time, while spending time with each other. This spring, we made 1000 cake pops, and sold out in a day and a half, raising $1200 overall.